In–house Mold Design & Engineering Services

To produce close tolerance plastic molds, Conteco’s in–house Design & Engineering Department is equipped with the latest software, including SolidWorks, ACAD and CAM. An engineered drawing for future reference is included with every mold manufactured.

Prototype Production

If you are having trouble visualizing your final design, send us a sample or a sketch and our engineering department will have a rapid prototype of your part produced using 3–D printing technology (FDM or SLS). Prototypes are constructed from ABS or Nylon and are ready within 1 week from time of order.

The prototype will allow you to see the actual physical dimensions of the plastic part and to confidently make decisions as to the part’s final function and appearance.

Reverse Engineering

Even if you do not have the original drawings, Conteco’s Design and Engineering department can duplicate your original mold. Send us your mold, and we will have it laser scanned, create the engineered drawings and manufacture as many cavities as you need.

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