Conteco Video

This video explains how Conteco Molds and Plastics is a standout in a highly competitive field of injection plastic producers and mold makers. Our plastic injection processes are highly refined and of the highest quality. All of our work goes through a stringent quality control process and is guaranteed to function in the way we agreed upon.

Re-Branding initiative

In May of 2011, Conteco MFG LTD underwent a re-branding strategy changing the name to Conteco Molds and Plastics. We launched two new websites:



Since inception almost 30 years ago, Conteco has been driven with a strong work ethic, and an attitude to succeed for our clients. “Your priority is our success” is a term you will often hear President Chris Staeheli tell new customers. It’s not hot air either, it is absolutely true as many of our repeat customers would be happy to share with you.

Plastic Injections

We offer a wide range of services with plastic injections. Give us a call for a quote on your next project!